All our hams are responsibly sourced, ensuring that the quality controls implemented on the wines is more importantly passed on to the hams. All of the hams sourced come from farms that abide to strict animal welfare laws ensuring that all the pigs have had a good quality lifestyle, with a natural diet resulting in the most natural flavour.

Most farming is now done genetically with an artificial flavourings and diet which means that a lot of sources in the UK sell a product which is cheaper but loses any of the quality processes as there isn’t a thorough knowledge of the origins of the produce. At La Pata Negra, we ensure that all the produces we have are done in as artisan way as possible, removing the possibility of artificial flavour and ensuring that the animal welfare has come above all else.

Iberico Ham leg

This really is the jewel in the crown of all Spanish hams, from the hindlegs, these have an intense red colour with a fantastic fat layer running through which really does live up to the reputation!

Iberico Shoulder

less intense than the hind leg but the foreleg makes up for it with a much more juicier texture, known for the flavour and charasmatic aroma.

Lomo Iberico

This is made using meat from the loin of the Iberico pig. seasoned with paprika and spices, this has a lovely unique flavour giving it a big difference to the Chorizo.

Chorizo Iberico

Using traditional Artisan methods the Chorizo really does live up to its famous name, with the perfect balance of meat and fat with the addition of garlic and paprika this really is a star!

All the products can be purchase whole, or in packs of 100g – these are all carefully vacuum packed ensuring the maximum flavour is preserved for the customer.